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What is an Appraisal Management Company Bond?
  • The Obligee (Person requiring the bond, i.e. State of Georgia), requires the Appraisal management companies to have a surety bond to conduct business in each state.
  • This surety bond protects the state from financial loss if the Principal does not comply with the laws and regulations provided by the individual state. The bond is a contracted agreement between the person buying and the Board of Appraisal for each state, backed by the surety company.
  • The person buying the Appraisal Management Company Bond must follow all rules and laws listed by the state or Obligee on the Appraisal Management Company Bond form.
  • The bond amounts for each Appraisal management company will vary by state or bond type.
  • The appraisal management company bond usually has a one year term, which means the appraisal bond renews annually.
  • Appraisal bonds start at $100 in price plus shipping costs.
Can you show me an example of how the process works?

The Georgia Appraisal Management Company surety bond is issued in bond amount of $20,000. The price for the surety bond is $200. The Georgia Appraisal Management Company Bond has a one year term. The Appraisal Management Company bond is currently issued by Western Surety Company.
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